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A jackaroo is an employee on an Australian station, specifically a person who works outdoors most of the time. A female is called a jillaroo. It corresponds to the North American “cowboy”, although the American “cowboy” is used for workers of all ages, while in Australia the word “stockman” is also used, particularly for those with a great deal of experience; (in North America “stockman” often refers to owners of livestock).

According to a government website: “Jackaroos and jillaroos may perform the following tasks:

  • care for livestock and treat minor injuries and illness
  • muster on horseback and/or motorbike
  • maintain station equipment and inspect, repair or replace fences, gates and yards
  • assist with light household duties
  • use and maintain vehicles and heavy machinery
  • undertake farming work such as cultivation and haymaking
  • undertake clerical and administrative tasks
  • participate in local meetings and take part in community affairs.” [1]