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This article is about the rock band. For the torture device, see Iron maiden (device).

Iron Maiden are a heavy metal band from the United Kingdom. They currently consist of Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Janick Gers (guitar), Steve Harris (bass, keyboards) and Nicko McBrain (drums). They have so far released 14 studio albums.

Iron Maiden was formed in 1975 by Steve Harris, but did not release a record until 1979, an EP called The Soundhouse Tapes. In 1980 they released their first, self-titled album, with singer Paul DiAnno, guitarist Dennis Stratton and drummer Clive Burr, in addition to Murray and Harris. The band met true success with 1982's The Number of the Beast, which was the first to feature Bruce Dickinson on vocals. McBrain joined in 1983 with Piece of Mind (spelled 'piece', not 'peace').

Adrian Smith left in 1988 after Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and Dickinson left the band in 1993 to work on his solo project. Maiden then conscripted a new singer in the form of Blaze Bayley. Two albums were recorded with Bayley prior to Dickinson and Smith's return in 1999. Since then a further three studio albums have been released, with a fourth recently announced by the band during 2008's Somewhere Back in Time tour.

Studio Albums

1980: Iron Maiden

1981: Killers

1982: The Number of the Beast

1983: Piece of Mind

1984: Powerslave

1986: Somewhere in Time

1988: Seventh son of a Seventh son

1990: No Prayer for the Dying

1992: Fear of the Dark

1995: The X Factor

1998: Virtual XI

2000: Brave New World

2003: Dance of Death

2006: A Matter of Life and Death