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Interleukins are cytokines that are made by one leukocyte, acting on other leukocytes).

Name(s) Source Target Function
Il-1a, IL-1b monocytes, macrophages, B-lymphocytes, DC TH cells, B cells, NK cells, general inflammation-susceptible TH cell co-stimulation, B-lymphocyte maturation and proliferation, NK cell activation, general inflammation
IL-2 Th1 cells activated T- and B-lymphocytes, natural killer cells growth, proliferation, activation
IL-3 TH cells, NK cells stem cells, mast cells stem cell growth and differentiation, mast cells growth and histamine release
IL-4 TH2 cells activated B cells, macrophages, T cells IgG1 and IgE synthesis ,macrophage MHC Class II, T cell growth, B cell growth
IL-5 TH2 cells activated B lymphocytes proliferation and differentiation, IgA synthesis
IL-6 monocytes, macrophages, TH2 lymphocytes, stromal cells activated B cells, plasma cells, stem cells, differentiate B lymphocytes into plasma cells, promotes immunoglobulin synthesis by B lymphocytes, plasma cell antibody secretion, stem cell differentiation, general acute phase response, increases hepcidin secretion
IL-7 marrow and thymus stroma stem cells differentiation
IL-8 macrophages and endothelial cells neutrophils chemotaxic attraction of neutrophils
IL-10 Th2 cells macrophages, B-cells downregulate cytokine production by macrophages, activate B-lymphocytes
IL-12 macrophages, B cells activated Tc cells, natural killer cells In combination with IL-2, differentiate Tc cells into CTL; activate NK
IL-13 TH2 cells Similar to IL-4