Indochinese Communist Party

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The ancestor of today's Communist Party of Vietnam, the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) (Dang Cong San Dong Duong) was formed in 1930, many of its founding members coming from the Viet Nam Revolutionary Youth League (Viet Nam Thanh Nien Cach Mang Dong Chi Hoi), which was established in 1925 by Ho Chi Minh.

In 1939, France outlawed the French Communist Party, and suppressed the ICP as well. Officially, the ICP was dissolved in 1945, but continued to exist under the same leaders, variously called the Association for the Study of Marxism, and several other names until reconstituted as the Viet Nam Workers' Party (Lao Dong) in 1951. In 1976, it became the Communist Party of Viet Nam.