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History of Quebec/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about History of Quebec.
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  • The Dictionary of Canadian Biography (1966-2006), thousands of scholarly biographies of notables who died by 1930
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Before 1867

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Since 1867

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see also Montreal

  • Atherton, William Henry. Montreal, 1535-1914 (1914) complete text online
  • Baillargeon, Denyse. Making Do: Women, Family and Home in Montreal during the Great Depression. (1999). 232 pp.
  • Germain, Annick and Damaris, Rose. Montréal: The Quest for a Metropolis (2000). 306 pp.


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Primary sources

  • Cameron, David R., ed. The Referendum Papers: Essays on Secession and National Unity. (1999). 430 pp
  • Cook, Ramsay, ed. French-Canadian Nationalism: An Anthology (1969)
  • Lamonde, Yvan and Corbo, Claude, eds. Le Rouge et le Bleu: Une Anthologie de la Pensée Politique au Québec de la Conquête à la Révolution Tranquille (1999). 576 pp.
  • Lévesque, René. "For an Independent Quebec." Foreign Affairs 1976 54(4): 734-744. The author was president of the Parti Québécois. Issn: 0015-7120 Fulltext: Ebsco
  • Primary sources--texts
  • Primary sources--statistics]