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A list of key readings about Guinness.
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  • Bourke, Edward (2009). The Guinness story : the family, the business, the black stuff. Dublin: O'Brien. ISBN 9781847171450. 
  • Corcoran, Tony (2009). The goodness of Guinness : a loving history of the brewery, its people and the city of Dublin. New York NY: Skyhorse Pub.. ISBN 9781602396531. 
  • Guinness, Patrick (2008). Arthur's round : the life and times of brewing legend Arthur Guinness. London ;;Chester Springs PA  ;Chester Springs PA: Peter Owen ;;Distributed in the USA by Dufour Editions. ISBN 9780720612967. 
  • Hartley, Paul (2009). Guinness : celebrating 250 remarkable years. London: Hamlyn. ISBN 9780600619888. 
  • Joyce, Joe (2009). The Guinnesses : the untold story of Ireland's most successful family. Dublin: Poolbeg Books. ISBN 9781842234037. 
  • Mansfield, Stephen (2009). The search for God and Guinness : a biography of the beer that changed the world. Nashville Tenn.: Thomas Nelson. ISBN 9781595552693. 
  • McHugh, Evan (2007). Pint-sized Ireland : in search of the perfect Guinness, 1st U.S. ed.. New York: Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press. ISBN 9780312363666. 
  • Yenne, Bill (2007). Guinness : the 250-year quest for the perfect pint. Hoboken N.J.: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 9780470120521.