Grounds for Sculpture

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Strong-Cuevas' 1995 Arch II, Set II at Grounds for Sculpture in 2008

Grounds for Sculpture[1] is a unique and highly successful combination of indoor/outdoor sculpture museum and landscape art in Hamilton, NJ (halfway between Princeton, NJ and Trenton, NJ). Since its establishment in 1992, this 35-acre public park has been lovingly cultivated over the derelict remains of the old New Jersey state fairgrounds. Physical art, water gardens, sculpture, and landscape art are everywhere intricately interwoven to delightful and often surprising effect.

Passengers along the main train line, carrying Amtrak and local New Jersey train traffic between New York City and Philadelphia, get a peek of what is to come by glimpsing several enormous sculptures which are stationed along the roadway approaching the museum and grounds. These oddities have a startling effect when viewed from the train; they excite the interest of visitors as they approach Grounds for Sculpture.

J. Seward Johnson, Jr. 1982 King Lear at Grounds for Sculpture in 2008


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