Graffiti Removal Day

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Graffiti Removal Day is an annual event launched by the New South Wales government in conjunction with Rotary Down Under and community groups to clean up graffiti across more than fifty local government areas in the state.[1] It is estimated graffiti vandalism costs the state more than A$100 million a year to remove.[2] The inaugural Graffiti Removal Day was held on Sunday 23 September 2012, attracting more than 1000 volunteers and removing 8150 square metres of graffiti.[3] The concept has its roots in Graffiti Action Day, which was part of the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW campaign.[4]

Volunteers are assigned to nominated sites. Participants are provided with training, graffiti removal equipment and protective gear on the day.[5]

The second Graffiti Removal Day was held on Sunday 20 October 2013, with over 170 sites nominated.


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