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Gender (disambiguation)

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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.
  • Sex_(disambiguation): Sex (noun) indicates membership in a biological or physiological or group such as males or females; sex (verb) may include activities associated with mating or reproductive practices among animals, plants, or fungi; sex (adjective) used as an imprecise synonym for types of Gender. [e]
  • Stub Gender: Gender is most often attributed to human beings or mammals as a dynamic, complex aggregate of learned behaviors and social or cultural constructs. Gender is distinguished from physiological and reproductive sexual traits, i.e. that individuals are male or female. [e]
  • Developing Article Grammatical gender: System which categorises and marks the nouns of a language according to their meaning, form or pronunciation; commonly known as 'grammatical gender', but many languages have several noun classes. [e]