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A garden is a land space designed to produce and display plants. There are many different types and styles of garden, designed for different purposes, but generally gardens differ from other agricultural endeavours (such as farms) in their purpose and scale.

Gardens can sometimes be difficult to define: "Garden" is the name given to non-commercial entities, although some public and private gardens do charge fees for entry and sell produce and related items. Size is often a factor, but not always, as some residential gardens are huge. Gardens are generally for the display of plants and flowers, but there are vegetable gardens and cutting gardens as well.

The residential garden, a place for gardening, birdwatching, daydreaming and other recreation, is the best known private garden. Botanical gardens are probably the best know public gardens, and many cities, even towns, maintain these gardens for public enjoyment and education.

Finally, gardening is a popular hobby that has led to other industries, such as production of gardening tools and supplies, writing about gardening, and even celebrity gardeners.

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