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Galveston Island is a popular tourist destination in the Gulf of Mexico, about an hour south of Houston, TX. Until the Great Storm of 1900, which killed approximately six thousand Galveston residents, Galveston was a major financial center in Texas and served a a major port for the export of cotton and the import of many goods. Historically, Galveston was home to pirates including Jean Lafitte. Tourists come to Galveston to play on the beach or bay, embark on cruises to Central and South America, or visit local attractions, particularly the Moody Gardens attractions. In a bygone era, the Balinese Room, over the Gulf, featured many of the nation's most famous musical artists and hosted illegal gambling.

City of Galveston

The City of Galveston covers most of Galveston Island and is the county seat for Galveston County.

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