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A list of key readings about Frederick Jackson Turner.
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Works by Turner

  • Turner, Frederick Jackson. Rereading Frederick Jackson Turner: "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" and other essays, Faragher, John Mack, ed. (1999) excerpt and text search
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  • Turner, Frederick Jackson. "Is Sectionalism in America Dying Away?" (1908). American Journal of Sociology, 13: 661-75, in JSTOR
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  • Turner, Frederick Jackson. The Frontier in American History. 375 pp. (1920), Pulitzer prize online edition
  • Turner, Frederick Jackson. The Significance of Sections in American History introduction by Max Farrand. ix, 347 pp., maps. New York, Henry Holt & Co. (1932)
    • CONTENTS: I. Problems in American History, pp. 3- 21 (a reprinting from 1904. 2. The Significance of the Section in American History, pp. 22- 51 (a reprinting from 1925). 3. The Origin of Genet's Projected Attack on Louisiana and the Floridas, pp. 52- 85 (a reprinting from 1898). 4. Western State-Making in the Revolutionary Era, pp. 86-138 (a reprinting from 1895) the Revolutionary Era, pp. 86-138 (a reprinting from 1895). 5. The Policy of France toward the Mississippi Valley in the Period of Washington and Adams, pp. 139-82 (a reprinting from 1905). 6. Geographical Influences in American Political History, pp. 183-92 (a reprinting from 1914). 7. Geographical Sectionalism in American History, pp. 193- 206 (a reprinting from 1925). 8. Since the Foundation, pp. 207-34 (a reprinting from 1924). 9. The West-- 1876 and 1926, pp. 235-55 (a reprinting from 1926). 10. The Children of the Pioneers, pp. 256‐86 (a reprinting from 1926). II. Is Sectionalism in America Dying Away? pp. 287- 314 (a reprinting from 1907). 12. Sections and Nation, pp. 315-39 (a reprinting from 1922).
  • Turner, Frederick Jackson. "Dear Lady": the letters of Frederick Jackson Turner and Alice Forbes Perkins Hooper, 1910-1932. Edited by Ray Allen Billington. Huntington Library, 1970
  • Turner, Frederick Jackson. America's great frontiers and sections: Frederick Jackson Turner's unpublished essays edited by Wilbur R. Jacobs. University of Nebraska Press, 1965.

Works About Turner

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