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Franz Six (1909-1975) was a Nazi security official, with the SS-Brigadefuehrer rank in the SD, and coming from a strong academic background. He received the PhD in sociology and political science from the University of Koenigsberg, and completed his habilitation at the University of Heidelberg. In 1938 he became Professor at the University of Koenigsberg, and by 1939, was chairman of Political Science at the University of Berlin and was its first Dean of the faculty for Foreign Countries.

Prewar Nazi affiliations

He joined the Party in 1930, the SA in 1932, and of the SS and SD in 1935. In the RSHA, which included the SD, he became chief of the independent Amt VII, "written records", which studied ideology, monitored indoctrination, and produced propaganda.


In Operation Barbarossa, he commanded Vorkommando Moscow of Einsatzgruppe B. In the Einsatzgruppen Case (NMT), he was convicted of belonging to a criminal organization, but it could not be established that he was directly involved in killing. Had Germany successfully conducted Operation Sea Lion and occupied the United Kingdom, he was scheduled to command the Einsatzgruppen there.


He was briefly a member of the Gehlen Organization, working with U.S. intelligence against the Soviet Union, before German trial and imprisonment in 1951.