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A list of key readings about Four color theorem.
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Popular account

  • Robin Wilson, Four Colours Suffice. How the map problem was solved. The Penguin Press, 2002.

Introductory textbooks

  • (with a detailed exposition of the early history of the problem)
    Rudolf Fritsch and Gerda Fritsch, Der Vierfarbensatz. Geschichte, topologische Grundlagen und Beweisidee.
      B.I. Wissenschaftsverlag, 1994.
    English translation: The four-color theorem. History, topological foundations, and idea of proof.
      Transl. from the German by Julie Peschke. Springer, New York, 1998.
  • Robert A. Wilson, 'Graphs, Colourings and the Four-Colour Theorem. Oxford University Press, 2002.
  • David Barnette, Map coloring, polyhedra, and the four-color problem.
      (The Dolciani Mathematical Expositions, number eight) The Mathematical Association of America, 1983.