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Flower-class: A WWII Royal Navy corvette used as an ocean escort, derived from a whaling vessel, slower than some German submarines but fast enough to keep up with convoy transports; used for anti-submarine warfare as a quickly-available ship before purpose-built warships were in service; surprisingly distinguished record [e]

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Parent topics

  • World War II [r]: War between the Allies (most notably the UK, US and Soviet Union) and the Axis (principally Germany and Japan) 1939–1945. [e]
    • Royal Navy [r]: By long naval tradition, when there is no qualifier but "Royal", the navy being discussed is that of the United Kingdom. [e]
    • Battle of the Atlantic [r]: A major campaign to secure Anglo-American shipping routes in the face of German opposition, principally submarine but also involving long-range aircraft and commerce raiding; eventually won by Allied technology, organization and industrial production [e]


Other related topics

  • Ocean escort [r]: A warship with weapons and sensors to defend itself and ships near it, sturdy enough to operate in ocean conditions, but with only enough speed to escort merchant and military support ships, and usually not built to full warship standards of battle damage survivability [e]
  • Sloop [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Corvette [r]: In modern use, a multipurpose warship intended principally for coastal use, although more like a small destroyer for patrol work than a fast attack craft; corvettes may be capable of ocean escort duty but typically have less endurance [e]