Fireboats of Seattle

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As a major port, the Seattle Fire Department has maintained a fleet of fireboats in Seattle, Washington since the 1890s.[1]

Fireboats in Seattle, Washington
image name launched retired notes
Seattle fireboat Snoqualmie, in her original configuration.png Snoqualmie 1891 1935
  • First fireboat on North America's west coast.[1]
Originally the Seattle fireboat Duwamish was built with a 'ram' bow.jpg Duwamish 1909 1985
  • Duwamish was originally built with a "ram" bow, so she could sink a blazing vessel before it set other vessels ablaze.[1]
  • Currently a museum ship.
Fireboat Alki, circa 1928 (7789428598).jpg Alki 1927 2013
Chief Seattle fire boat -a.jpg Chief Seattle 1984 in service
Marine One fireboat.JPG Marine One 2006 in service
Fireboat Leschi 02.jpg Leschi 2007 in service


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