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This article is about the series of games called Final Fantasy. For other uses of the term Final Fantasy, please see Final Fantasy (disambiguation).

Final Fantasy is a RPG video game series made in Japan by the company Square-Enix (prior to merging with Enix, it was known as Squaresoft). Each episode involves a band of heroes on their quest to save the world.

The Games

Main Series

There are currently fourteen games in the main series, some having spin-off or sequel games. Each game in the series stands alone.

Other Games

A few games have been released under the Final Fantasy label that do not fall under the main series.

Common elements

The games share a number of common elements, including:

  • Most of the games include the ability to summon through magical means a variety of different creatures. Many of these have their source in mythology and religion - for example, Cerberus, Gilgamesh, Ixion, Leviathan, Odin, Shiva, Siren and Titan[1].
  • Some names are repeated throughout the games - for example every game in the series has a character called Cid, and many have a pair of characters called Biggs and Wedge.
  • Chocobos are (mostly) flightless birds that can be ridden and used in various ways in the games (including digging for items in Final Fantasy IX, summoning for use in battles and racing)
  • Moogles are small furry animals which have bat-like wings and behaviour resembling a cat, often found interspersing the word "kupo" in their dialog. They serve a variety of supporting roles in the games, including providing save and rest points, storing items, buying and selling items and serving various storyline purposes.
  • Airships appear in many of the Final Fantasy games - although they have different appearances: some as zeppelins, some as steampunk 'flying boats'. Once one has progressed quite far in the game, it will often become possible to fly around in the airship to complete side quests.
  • Gil is the currency used in the games.


  1. Final Fantasy Compendium, Final Fantasy Name Origins lists many of the summonable monsters and their origin in mythology