Fence plowing

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Fence plowing is a vandalism fad which consists of running at a fence and breaking it. The fad originated in a video clip on YouTube posted by Adam Schleichkorn, 25, of Huntington, New York, a graduate student at the C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University and video hobbyist, who while at his cousin's house in Florida, talked Ryan Reed, a husky former high school football player, and his cousin Jon Schleichkorn into plowing into a decrepit fence, breaking it down. [1] Fence plowing received news coverage in an Associated Press story regarding the arrest of teenagers in Suffolk County on Long Island which ran on Fox News, Channel 5, New York City in 2007 and in Newsday, the Long Island newspaper. [2] [3] The television coverage was followed up with an interview with Schleichkorn [4]

While the original video showed fence plowing in his cousin's own backyard, the arrests for vandalism on Long Island were from breaking other folks' fences. Schleichkorn, who styles himself the "Godfather of Fence Plowing" on his YouTube profile, stated that he was inspired by Jackass, the TV series.


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