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Galicia deliving humanitarian supplies to Iraq.
Galicia unloading humanitarian supplies in Iraq.

The joint Spain/Netherlands Rotterdam/Galicia class of Landing Platform Dock naval vessels for amphibious warfare are called the Enforcer class for export.[1][2][3][4][5] These vessels are designed to carry a battalion of troops and land them, and their vehicles. The vessels have a flight deck and hangar, for deploying helicopters, and a well deck for deploying landing craft.

Both Spain and the Netherlands built two vessels of this class.[1][2] The original design was a Netherlands design.[5] Spain and the Netherlands signed a Memorandum of Understanding in June 1992 to jointly develop this class of vessels.


Enforcer specifications[1][2]
length 162.2m
beam 25m
draft 5.9m
Displacement 14,000 t
sustained speed 18+ knots (33.5 km/h)
crew 124
troops 613
landing craft
  • 902 m2 parking space
  • 400 m2 dry stores
  • 300 m2 magazine
armament 2 gatling guns


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