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A list of key readings about Email system.
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RFC-1939, STD-53 (1996), "Post Office Protocol - Version 3", J. Myers, M. Rose, IETF Standard. POP3, the most common protocol used by mail clients to access a mailstore.

RFC-2045..2049 (1996), "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)", Parts 1..5, N. Freed, N. Borenstein, K. Moore, J. Klensin, J. Postel, ... IETF Standards Track. Extensions to allow encoding of graphics and other non-ASCII content in email message bodies.

RFC-3501 (2003), "Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4rev1", M. Crispin, IETF Standards Track. An access protocol more versatile than POP3, allowing messages to be organized and kept at the mailstore.

RFC-5321 (2008), "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol", J. Klensin, ed., IETF Draft Standard. Original SMTP plus recent extensions (ESMTP).

RFC-5322 (2008), "Internet Message Format", P. Resnick, ed., IETF Draft Standard. Basic email message formats, including headers.

RFC-5598 (2009), "Internet Mail Architecture", D. Crocker, IETF Informational document. A detailed look at email system architecture.


L.Peterson, B.Davie (2007). Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, 4th. Morgan Kaufmann. ISBN 0-12-370548-7.  Sect. 9.1.1 "Electronic Mail". Discussion of email in the most popular networks text.

W. Richard Stevens (1994). TCP/IP Illustrated, vol. 1, The Protocols. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-20163346-9.  Excellent reference on the underlying TCP/IP protocols; chapter 28 on SMTP.