Elias Kane

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Elias Kent Kane, a Jacksonian senator from Illinois (U.S. state), was born in New York City on June 7, 1794. He attended the public schools and graduated from Yale College in 1813. Then he studied law and was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1814 he moved to Kaskaskia, Illinois (U.S. state) where he was appointed judge of the Territory of Illinois. Four years later he became delegate to the first State constitutional convention (1818). He ran unsuccessfully as candidate for the election in 1820 to the Seventeenth Congress. He was first secretary of State of Illinois inn the period 1820-1824. He became a member of the State house of representatives 1824 and was elected in the same year to the United States Senate. In 1831 he was reelected and served from March 4, 1825 until his death on December 12, 1835 in Washington, D.C.. He acted as chairman for: the Committee to Audit and Control the Contingent Expenses (Nineteenth through Twenty-first Congresses), Committee on Private Land Claims (Twenty-first through Twenty-third Congresses), and the Committee on Public Lands (Twenty-second Congress). He is buried in the family cemetery on the old Kane farm, near Fort Gage (Ill).