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A collection of videos relating to the topic of Donegal fiddle tradition.


Altan play a lively set of reels; Mairead again and Ciaran Tourish on the fiddles here. With Dermot Byrne on accordion.

Francie Byrne and Peter Carr playing "Dinky Dorian's Reel." From the RTE video Come West along the Road.

James Byrne, bowing vigorously as usual here, playing "McCahill's Reels," two well-known Donegal reels, along with some other fiddlers, and encouraged by some enthusiastic (and probably drunk) "punters" (pub patrons).

Canúintí Ceoil begins with James Byrne and a rare and brief, but very nice, snippet John Doherty (playing "The Black Mare of Fanad"). From TG4.

James Byrne, Tommy Peoples, and Danny Meehan,] three of the most respected living Donegal fiddlers, playing the highland "The Cat that Kittled in Jamie's Wig," followed by a bit of "George IV."

Jimmy Campbell, playing the common Scottish reel on a bus for some sheep (it seems)--probably did not know he was being recorded, but does a fine job anyway.

Vincent Campbell, Jimmy's brother, playing two mazurkas and a reel, "Bean a Ti ar Lar."

Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh giving a Donegal treatment to the well-known reel "The Foxhunter's."

Ciaran Mooney playing one version of "The King of the Pipers."

Francie Mooney (father of Mairead, grandfather of Ciaran) in an interview (in Irish), in five parts. With music from various well-known Irish musicians with connections to Francie.

Part 2 (in which Francie himself plays with Altan)

Part 3 (singing)

Part 4 (featuring Paddy Glackin playing three reels at an uncharacteristically slow pace; at end, Francie playing jigs with daughter and grandson)

Part 5 (conclusion of the latter tunes & more). From TG4.

Tommy Peoples playing two strathspeys, "The Laird of Drumblair" and "William Marshall's." From the RTE video Come West along the Road.

Tommy Peoples, some 25 years later, playing "The Silver Spire" and a tune of his own composition (both reels).

Some younger Donegal fiddlers are represented here, including Mick Brown, Tara Connaghan, Ronan Galvin, and Derek McGinley.

  • Bríd Harper at an early age (in 1980, eight years before winning the All Ireland) playing two jigs, "The Castleblayney Piper" and "The Bank of Turf."
  • Brid Harper, 26 years later, playing a pair of reels with accordion player Danny O’Mahoney. ComhaltasLive.