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Dice (plural of 'die', though 'dice' is colloquially used as the singular) are two objects, marked with numbers, or figures that are of quantity to the number of faces present on the object. Often they are used to generate random values in either gameplay or decision determination.

Typical dice are cubes with the faces marked one(1) through six(6) in dots. Other dice are the four-sided tetrahedron, the eight-sided octahedron, the twelve-sided pentagondodecahedron and the rhombic dodeahedron, the 20-sided icosahedron, the 24-sided Tetrakis hexahedron and the 30-sided rhombic triacontahedron. Furthermore there exist die in prisms, bipyramids, antiprisms, balls and tops.

Dice can be "thrown" or "rolled", or they can be present in devices or generators. A game manufactured by Milton Bradley, "Trouble", featured a "popper" in the center which consisted of a dome and a diaphragm that when activated(pressed), disturbed the surface tension of the diphragm causing the dice to shake.