Daykundi Province

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Daykundi Province (also transliterated Daikundi), in central Afghanistan, was split from Uruzgan Province in 2004, to make its majority Hazara while Uruzgan was Pashtun. District-level adjustments followed. Uruzgan forms its southern edge. It has a small southwest border with Helmand Province, with Ghor Province on the west and north. Bamyan Province is on the northwest and Ghazni Province on its west. It is in the Hindu Kush mountains.

Its capital is Nili, also written Dili, or is called Khadir. There is little representation by the Afghan National Army or International Security Assistance Force; it is under ISAF Regional Command East. The capital is snowbound three months out of the year, and transport infrastructure is only slowly being built due to lack of funds.[1] The closest airport to Nili is the Mazar-i-Sharif Airport in Mazar-i-Sharif, Balkh.

In 2007, floods and drought destroyed most of the wheat harvest and almost all the almond trees of the province; these are its two main crops. Approximately 40,000 families are believed in need of food, but no nongovernmental organization considers any road there to be safe.[2] There have been continuing problems in food convoys reaching the province, having been attacked by insurgents from Helmand. A World Food Programme convoy was blocked in late 2007, and WFP stopped operations on the ring road in that region.[3]


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