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Dar al-Islam

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Dar al-Islam, or House of Islam, is a general term for states where Islam is dominant and government is based on Sharia law. There is controversy among Islamists, however, about the particular set of laws and customs to be followed, such as strict Salafism endorsed by Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, or a more flexible system, still clearly in charge, as described by Hassan al-Turabi.

It complements the Dar al-Hab, also transliterated Dar al-Harb, or House of War.

In some variants, non-Muslims, called dhimmis, who accept the primacy of Islam, may be part of the society. Under other assumptions, anyone not following strict law is to be ousted or eradicated under the takfir doctrines.

The general assumption is that proper behavior will be based on the visible behavior of following Sharia, orthopraxy than on the propriety of personal belief and faith orthodoxy.