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Daboia russelii siamensis

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Daboia russelii siamensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Viperidae
Subfamily: Viperinae
Genus: Daboia
Species: D. russelii
Subspecies: D. r. siamensis
Trinomial name
Daboia russelii siamensis
(Smith, 1917)
  • Vipera russelli siamensis - Smith, 1917
  • Coluber russelli siamensis - Oshima, 1920
  • Vipera russelli limitis - Mertens, 1927
  • Vipera russelli formosensis - Maki, 1931
  • Vipera russelii sublimitis - Kopstein, 1936
  • Vipera russelii formosensis - Klemmer, 1963
  • Vipera russelii limitis - Klemmer, 1963
  • Vipera russelii siamensis - Klemmer, 1963
  • Viper russelli siamensis - Sakuragawa, 1979
  • Daboia (Daboia) russelli limitis - Obst, 1983
  • Daboia (Daboia) russelli siamensis - Obst, 1983
  • Vipera russelli siamensis - Nakada, Nakada, Ito & Inoue, 1984
  • Vipera russelli burmanus - Muang Muang Aye In Gopalakrishnakone & Tan, 1987
  • Daboia russelli siamensis - Golay et al., 1993[1]

Common name: Eastern Russell's viper.[2]  
Daboia russelii siamensis is a venomous viper subspecies[3] found in parts of southeast Asia, southern China and Taiwan.[1]


The color-pattern is the same as for D. r. russelii, except that the color is more grayish or olive, with small spots between the large spot rows. Venter suffused with gray posteriorly.[4]

Geographic range

Found in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, China (Kwangsi, Kwangtung), Taiwan and Indonesia (Endeh, Flores, east Java, Komodo, Lomblen Islands).[1]

Brown (1973) mentions that D. russelii (i.e. D. r. siamensis) can also found in Vietnam, Laos and on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.[5] Ditmars (1937) reportedly received a specimen from Sumatra as well.[6] However, its distribution in the Indonesian archipelago is still being elucidated.[7]


A monovalent antivenin, called "Russell's Viper Antivenin", is made in Thailand by the Thai Red Cross to counteract the venom of this subspecies.[2]

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