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This article is about the food. For other uses of the term Curry, please see Curry (disambiguation).

Curry, formerly also written currie, is the name of a highly seasoned stew of Asian origin. Curries range in colour and intensity, although an orange-red stew with a hot (piquant) flavour probably springs to most people’s minds first.

Popular in many countries that had large waves of Asian immigration; curry has become so ubiquitous in some of the nations that locals have forgotten that the stew is not indigenous. Some examples of this are goat curry in the West Indies and curried sausages in Australia.

Curry powder, a blend of spices that is a quick seasoning for a curry stew base, is manufacturer by many companies around the globe, and many people choose to start with it rather than trusting to their own combinations.

Curry types

  • red curries
  • yellow curries
  • green curries