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Parent topics

  • Classified information [r]: Material collected or created by a government that is subject to limitations on its release to the general public and may have penalties for its unauthorized release. [e]


Compartmented operations

Other related topics

  • JWICS [r]: A military and intelligence communications system approved for classified information designated collateral TOP SECRET, as well as any information in a compartmented control system such as Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or Special Access Program (SAP) [e]
  • TACLANE [r]: A family, designated TSEC/KG-175, of bulk encryption devices specified by the National Security Agency, which work with high-speed IEEE 802.3/Ethernet interfaces [e]
  • TROJAN SPIRIT [r]: A U.S. military communications system for handling the most highly classified intelligence information in field headquarters, which also provides field units with connectivity to worldwide high-security networks [e]
  • TSQ-190 [r]: A Special Purpose Intelligence Remote Integrated [satellite] Terminal (TROJAN SPIRIT II) that provides field commands with access to intelligence processing and dissemination systems, including national networks such as JWICS. [e]

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