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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Code book attack.
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Parent topics

  • Cryptanalysis [r]: The sub-field of cryptology which deals with breaking into existing codes and ciphers. [e]
  • Passive attack [r]: An attack on a communications system in which the attacker reads messages he is not supposed to but does not alter them. [e]


These are subtopics only with respect to their cryptanalysis.

  • Block cipher [r]: A symmetric cipher that operates on fixed-size blocks of plaintext, giving a block of ciphertext for each [e]
  • Stream cipher [r]: A cipher that encrypts data by mixing it with the output of a pseudorandom number generator controlled by a key; to decrypt, run the same generator with the same key to get the same pseudorandom data, then reverse the mixing step. [e]
  • Internet key exchange [r]: Add brief definition or description

Other related topics

  • Birthday paradox [r]: The counterintuitive result that for any (random) group of 23 or more people it is more likely than not that two of them celebrate their birthday on the same day of the year. [e]
  • Birthday attack [r]: An attack on a cryptographic system that works by finding two identical outputs from the system. [e]