Coat (animal)

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Coat, or the nature and quality of a show mammal's pelage, is an important conformation point in the hobby of animal fancy.

The pelage of a show animal may be divided into different types of hair (usually known as fur) or wool with a texture ranging from downy to spiky; in addition the animal may be single-coated or may have a number of coats, such as an undercoat and a topcoat. The state of the coat is considered an indication of the animal's breeding and health.

Some considerations in judging the quality of an animal's coat:

  • Colour (coat colour other than those allowed in the breed standard results in disqualification)
  • Markings (distribution of colour, spots, and patches; for example the spotted coat of a Dalmatian and the merle coat of an Australian Shepherd are distinctive, the markings of a terrier vary.)
  • Pattern (specific, predictable markings; tabby, for example is a common pattern in cats)
  • Texture of hair (smooth, rough, curly, straight, broken)
  • Length of hair

Coat (also known as a rug) may also refer to a covering or garment made by humans to protect their pets from the elements.