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Marcus Tulius Cicero (106BC - 43BC), born in Arpinum, was a Roman politician, lawyer, orator and philosopher. He was born in a family of equites. Cicero studied in Greece and Rome philosophy and retorica. His success as a lawyer made him able to start a political career. In 63BC he became consul after Catalina lost the votement for the consulship. Catalina tried to become consul the illegal way, but Cicero found out and executed the leaders in Rome. Catalina was killed in a battle in the north of Italia.

During the reign of Caesar, Cicero wasn't active in the politic of Rome. After the murder on Caesar, he worked with Antonius and Octavianus to start his political career over. During his contact with them, Cicero was murdered. His hands and head was nailed on the Forum Romanum.

Cicero wrote several books, of which De natura Deorum, about the existence of the gods, De Divinatione, De finibus Bonorum et Malorum, letters to friends and relative...