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Christie Carden

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Christie Carden is a young Tea Party movement activist who cofounded the Huntsville, Alabama Tea Party and is a state coordinator for Alabama. She has discussed the use of different social media for organizing, first simply having listed her home telephone number, but prefers Facebook, with Twitter as less preferred. [1]

She criticized House Minority Leader John Boehner's (R-OH) decision to hold a fundraiser for Rep. Parker Griffith in March 2010, saying the Tea Party did not support Griffith. Griffith had recently changed from Democratic to Republican affiliation.
...his recent endorsement is just the kind of behind-the-scenes establishment behavior that led to the Dede Scozzafava fiasco. It is this sort of behavior amongst party establishment that causes many voters to consider a third-party vote. If Boehner has been paying attention to his own party in Alabama's 5th congressional district, he should know that the Madison County Republican Executive Committee passed resolutions this year urging people to vote for anyone but Griffith and requesting the national GOP not take sides endorsing or fundraising in this primary. The former coincides with the Huntsville Tea Party's press release last December stating that we do not support Griffith, and that there are already two excellent constitutionally conservative candidates in this race: Les Phillip and Mo Brooks. Why members of the national Republican Party would choose to fight against two good Republican candidates that Tea Party activists and the local GOP have gotten behind is beyond me," said Huntsville Tea Party Founder, Christie Carden.
"This reeks of partisan beltway politicking, unless Congressman Boehner's principles align more with Parker Griffith's history of supporting universal health care and tax increases, than our principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberties, and free market economics. The American people understand the political machine and can see past political games. We are rejecting those things.[2]