Cateran Trail

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The Cateran Trail is a circular long-distance footpath starting and finishing at Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. The footpath is named after the cattle rustlers (the Caterans) who stole cattle in this area until as late as the 17th century. The length of the trail is 64 miles (103km).

The Cateran Trail may be conveniently divided into seven stages, although it is possible to combine some of these so as to complete the whole walk in four or five days.

1. Blairgowrie to Bridge of Cally (7 miles/11km)

2. Bridge of Cally to Kirkmichael (8 miles/13km)

3. Kirkmichael to Spittal of Glenshee via Enochdhu (8 miles/13km)

4. Spittal of Glenshee to Kirkton of Glenisla via Blacklunans (14 miles/22½ km)

There is the option of diverting from the trail to climb Mount Blair.

5. Kirkton of Glenisla to Alyth (11 miles/17½ km)

6. Alyth to Bridge of Cally (9 miles/15km)

7. Bridge of Cally to Blairgowrie (7 miles/11km)

This last stage is a reversal of stage 1.