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This page is meant to facilitate the regulation of edits in user space. For details, see CZ:User pages and CZ:Managing Editor/Editors of their own user pages and subpages thereof.

Mode of operation

The default setting for user pages is that they should not be edited by Citizens other than the owner, except for purely technical purposes or Constabulary action. If you want to permit others to make edits in your user space, please signal this intention by following these two steps:

  1. Choose a basic permission model
    • If you want to establish a general policy for editing in your user space, please create a subpage entitled "Editing in my user space" and detail your permissions there. (Example)
    • If you want to permit others to edit only one or very few pages, or have exceptions to your general policy, please state your respective preferences on top of each such page.
  2. Signal your intent to the community by adding the category [[Category:Editable user pages]] category to the relevant page or pages, so as to make them more easily discoverable. This is in addition to any per-page instructions that should go at the top of the page.