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Cambridge University Press

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Cambridge University Press[1] is a major international publisher of scholarly books and journals, based at Cambridge University in England. Founded in 1534, and operational since 1584, it is the oldest printer and publisher in the world and one of the largest academic publishers. It publishes 1200 new books a year, and has a large backlist. It is well known for its Bibles (since 1591) and operates offices in 30 countries.

Its online service CJO includes 208,850 articles from 279 leading journals. It is available through libraries that have subscriptions.

The Press Syndicate is the governing body, with 18 senior members of the University of Cambridge. It oversees business and must give its formal approval to new titles. The Chief Executive is Stephen Bourne.

Prominent scientists it has published include William Harvey and Isaac Newton, as well as Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose.


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