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CZ:Archaeology Workgroup

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The Citizendium Archaeology Workgroup
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Core articles

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  • Archaeology [r]: The scientific study of past human cultures by means of the recovery, documentation and analysis of material remains and environmental data. [e]
  • Dendrochronology [r]: The practice of using tree rings to provide dates [e]
  • Excavation [r]: The process by which an archeologist, paleoanthropologist or paleontologist uncovers material remains of the past. [e]
  • Experimental archaeology [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Geophysics [r]: The study of the Earth by quantitative physical methods, namely seismic, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, thermal and radioactivity methods. [e]
  • Phase (archaeology) [r]: A period of inhabitation with cultural continuity. [e]
  • Potsherd [r]: A historic or prehistoric fragment of pottery, useful in archaeology for chronological dating, and for cultural context. [e]
  • Radiocarbon dating [r]: A scientific method of determining the age of organic material based on the amount of carbon-14. [e]
  • Rescue archaeology [r]: The process of recording a historic site that is under threat from damage or destruction. [e]
  • Robber trench [r]: An archaeological feature created when the foundations of a stone building are dug up for reuse. [e]
  • Stratigraphy [r]: The interdisciplinary science field that describes all rock bodies that form the Earth's crust and the manner in which they are organised into distinctive units that are then mapped. [e]
  • Zooarchaeology [r]: Add brief definition or description