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Entryway to the Bronx Zoo in 2006.

The New York Zoological Park, commonly known as the Bronx Zoo, ranks among the world’s best known zoos. It is located in the Bronx, a borough of the New York City. The Zoo abuts the New York Botanical Garden. The zoo contains more than 5,000 animals of over 700 different species.

The Zoo was opened in 1899, by the New York Zoological Society, now known as the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Among the current features of the Bronx Zoo are the Monorail, an amusement park style ride which takes riders over several animal enclosures, and the cable cars, a ride high above the zoological park.

One of the zoo's major focuses is the study and conservation of endangered species.

In the 1980s, sensitivities over negative connotations of the word “zoo” caused administrators to refer to the Bronx Zoo only as a “zoological park”. This appears to have fallen by the wayside, the name “Bronx Zoo” seems firmly entrenched in language and the public mind, and this is the name appearing on the official website.