Bravest (fireboat)

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The Bravest is a fireboat operated by the Fire Department of New York City.[1] She was commissioned on May 27, 2011.[2]

The FDNY currently has four large fireboats, including the Bravest, supplemented by approximately a dozen smaller high speed patrol craft.[1] The two largest fireboats, Firefighter II and Three Forty Three are among the largest and most powerful fireboats in the world. At 20 knots they are relatively fast. But Bravest and Feehan, at appx. 65 feet, are comparable in size and power with many cities' largest fireboats, but have the high speed and shallow draft of modern high speed patrol craft.

Bravest's shallow draft of just 1 metre means she can fight fires in the shallow waters off New York City's airports.[1][3]

Her nameplate was carved from a plate of steel recovered from the World Trade Center.[3]

Fireboat Bravest -a.jpg
length: 65 ft (19.81 m)
width: 17 ft (5.18 m)
draft: 3.25 ft (0.99 m)
air draft: 14.5 ft (4.42 m)
speed: 45 knots
engines: 3 x 1,000 horsepower diesels
propulsion waterjets
gallons/minute: 6000
builder: Safe Boats International
cost: $2.4 million
tonnage: 80,000 pounds


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