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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Boxer Rebellion.
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  • Beijing [r]: Capital city of China (pop. 13,831,900). [e]
  • China, history [r]: covers the History of China from 2000 BC to the present. [e]
  • China [r]: The most populous nation on Earth, third largest by area. [e]
  • Chinese Exclusion Act [r]: Law passed by the United States Congress in 1882 that attempted to prevent the large scale immigration of Chinese workers into America. [e]
  • Herbert Hoover [r]: US President from 1929 to 1933. [e]
  • Insurgency [r]: A wide range of political and military actions intended to change a government, through means considered illegal by that government. [e]
  • Shenyang [r]: The largest city in Liaoning, a province in the northeast of the People's Republic of China. [e]
  • U.S. foreign policy [r]: The foreign relations and diplomacy of the United States since 1775. [e]