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A list of key readings about Block cipher.
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Few books deal with block ciphers exclusively, but almost any text on cryptography has a major section devoted to block ciphers. See our cryptography bibliography for additional sources.

Reference books

Two books are very widely used as references. Both are now somewhat dated, having been published before the AES competition so they do not include that generation of ciphers.

A more recent guide is:


University level texts


There are several theses that contributed important ideas to block cipher design:

  • Carlisle Adams A Formal and Practical Design Procedure for Substitution-Permutation Network Cryptosystems, Queen's University (1990), introducing the CAST ciphers
  • Lai Xuejia On the design and security of block ciphers [1]. Hartung-Gorre (1992). doi:10.3929/ethz-a-000646711, with the original proposal for IDEA