Blink! The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

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Blink! is author Malcolm Gladwell's second book. Published by Little, Brown and Company in January 11, 2005, Blink! serves to explain human interaction, specifically how first impressions are so important in relationships, or lack there of. Gladwell introduces to a technique that all humans use but was previously undefined, called "thin-slicing." Thin-slicing is how we dissect others merely through the 30 seconds of our first interaction.


Gladwell uses examples from marriage interactions, speed dating, militarty maneuvers, and car sales amongst others to shows readers how to see snap judgments of behavior. These snap judgments are made by what he calls our "adaptive unconscious" that provides our active mind with thoughts how actions, danger, etc. Basically he talks about how we rely on our gut instincts.

Gladwell also points out indicators one can use to better read others interactions. This is done through citing a serious of studies done involving married couples and their interactions with each other.