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A list of key readings about Benjamin Peirce.
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Primary Sources

  • Physical and celestial mathematics, Boston: Little, Brown (1855).
  • An elementary treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry, with their applications to navigation, surveying, heights, and distances, and spherical astronomy, and particularly adapted to explaining the construction of Bowditch's navigator, and the nautical almanac, rev. ed., Boston: J. Munroe (1861)
  • Linear associative algebra, Washington (lithograph) (1870).
  • Linear associative algebra, Amer. J. Math., 4, 97–215 (1881)
  • Ideality in the physical sciences, (J. M. Peirce, ed.), Boston: Little, Brown (1881)
  • Benjamin Peirce: “Father of Pure Mathematics” in America, (I. Bernard Cohen, ed.), New York: Arno Press. [Photoreprints, including that of Am J. Math 1881] (1980)

Secondary Sources

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