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In neurology and oncology, an astrocytoma is a neoplasm of the central nervous system, which originates in normal astrocytes. Under the 1993 World Health Association criteria, a glioblastoma can be considered a "high-grade" (Grade IV) astrocytoma; grade III anaplastic astrocytomas are also malignant. The lower-grade astrocytomas may progress to higher-grade [1]

WHO designation WHO grade Kernohan grade St. Anne/Mayo grade St. Anne/Mayo criteria
pilocytic astrocytoma I I excluded
Astrocytoma II I, II 1 or 2 1: No criteria fulfilled; 2: one criterion, usually nuclear atypia
Anaplastic II II, III 3 Two criteria: nuclear atypia and mitosis
Malignant astrocytoma and glioblastoma IV III, IV 4 Three or four; add necrosis