Aqueous Wastes from Petroleum and Petrochemical Plants

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Author Milton R. Beychok
Language English
Publisher John Wiley and Sons
Date 1967 (First Edition)
Cover type Hardback
Pages 379
LCCN LCCN 67019834

Aqueous Wastes from Petroleum and Petrochemical Plants is a book about the composition and treatment of the various wastewater streams produced in the hydrocarbon processing industries (i.e., petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants and natural gas processing plants). When published in 1967, it was the first book devoted to that subject.

The book is notable for containing the first publication of a method for the rigorous tray-by-tray design of steam distillation columns for removing gaseous hydrogen sulfide from petroleum refinery wastewaters. Such columns are commonly referred to as sour water strippers. The design method was also presented at a World Petroleum Congress Meeting shortly after the book was published.[1]

The subjects covered in the book include wastewater pollutants and the pertinent governmental regulations, petroleum refinery and petrochemical plant wastewater effluents, treatment methods, miscellaneous effluents, data on the cost of various wastewater treatment methods (now outdated), and an extensive reference list.

One of the book reviews is that of Dr. Nelson V. Nemerow, a Civil Engineering professor at the University of Syracuse in New York state, published in 1968 in the American Chemical Society's journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Availability in libraries

The book became a classic in its field and is available in major university, public and industrial libraries worldwide. The book has no ISBN because they were not in use in 1967. The Library of Congress catalog number (LCCN) is 67019834 and the British Library system number is 012759691.

Internet online citations and references

A Google Books search provides 227 references to Aqueous Wastes from Petroleum and Petrochemical Plants[2] and a Google Scholar search provides 26 citations.[3]


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