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Years active 1976-1977
Status Defunct
Origin Indianapolis, Indiana
Music genre(s) Folk rock
Psychedelic rock
Members Ron Matelic
Marsha Rollings
Glenn Weaver
John Medvescek
Justin Garriot (1977)
Greg Reynolds (1977)

Anonymous were an American folk-rock, psychedelic band from Indianapolis. The musical group originally consisted of Ron Matelic on vocals, and guitar; Marsha Rollings on vocals; Glenn Weaver on vocals, guitar, and bass, and John Medvescek on drums.


The band's origins lay in the psychedelic roots of singer/guitarist Ron Matelic and drummer John Medvescek, who were formerly members of the mid-1960s garage band Sir Winston and the Commons. Following the band's breakup they continued to performed on weekends, with assistance from songwriter Jim Spencer. In the 1970s, they informally recruited a pair of friends in the form of singer Marsha Rollings, and second guitarist and bass player Glenn Weaver, to participate in those weekend jam sessions.

In 1976 the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based A Major Label offered Matelic a solo recording contract. Matelic accepted the offer, but insisted on bringing along his friends, ultimately electing to release the resulting material Inside the Shadow, under the randomly chosen name 'Anonymous'. The album was recorded in under two weeks using The Music Factory's 8-track facility. After the album was released they began practising for live performances, by adding another guitarist, Justin Garriot, and Greg Reynolds joining, replacing departing bass player Weaver. However Rollings and Garriot eventually decided to leave, leaving the rest of the band to form a new band called J. Rider, named after one of the songs on the album Inside the Shadow.

Only 300 copies of that album were ever pressed, and is now considered a prized collectors item. It was reissued by A Major Label in 1981 but with different cover art.