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A list of key readings about Andrew Carnegie.
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  • Krass, Peter. Carnegie. (2002). 612 pp., a standard scholarly biography, along with Nasaw and Wall. [online edition
  • Krause, Paul. The Battle for Homestead, 1880-1892: Politics, Culture, and Steel. U. of Pittsburgh Pr., 1992. 548 pp. excerpt and text search
  • Jones, Theodore. Carnegie Libraries Across America: A Public Legacy. 1997. 181 pp.
  • Livesay, Harold C. Andrew Carnegie and the rise of big business (2nd ed 1999), 200pp short book looking at his businesses using Alfred D. Chandler's models of Business History
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  • Swetnam, George. Andrew Carnegie. Twayne, 1980. 186 pp. a superficial study of Carnegie as author
  • Tweedale, Geoffrey. "Carnegie, Andrew (1835–1919)", Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2004 online
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  • Wall, Joseph. Andrew Carnegie (Oxford University Press, 1970), 1137 pp. a standard biography along with Nasaw and Krass. excerpt and text search

Primary sources

  • Carnegie, Andrew. The Andrew Carnegie Reader edited by Joseph Frazier Wall (1992)
  • Carnegie, Andrew. An American Four-in-Hand in Britain (1883), travel; online edition
  • Carnegie, Andrew. Round the World (1884) online edition
  • Carnegie, Andrew. Triumphant Democracy (1886) online edition
  • Carnegie, Andrew. The Gospel of Wealth and Other Essays (1901) online edition
  • Carnegie, Andrew. The Empire of Business (1902), online edition
  • Carnegie, Andrew. Life of James Watt (1905) online edition
  • Carnegie, Andrew. Problems of To-Day (1908)
  • Carnegie, Andrew. The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (1920) online edition


for full text see "Making of America" at

  • "Democracy in England" (1886)[1]
  • "Wealth" (1889) [2] called "Gospel of Wealth" in British edition]
  • "The Bugaboo of Trusts" (1889) [3]
  • "Do Americans Hate England?" (1890) [4]
  • "The A B C of Money" (1891)[5]
  • "The Ship of State Adrift" (1896)[6]
  • "The Ship of State Adrift - II"
  • "Americanism versus Imperialism" (1899)[7]
  • "Americanism versus Imperialism - II"
  • "The Best Fields for Philanthropy"
  • "Bryan or McKinley? The Present Duty of American Citizens" (1900) [8]
  • "Distant Possessions - The Parting of the Ways"
  • "A Look Ahead"
  • "Mr. Bryan the Conjurer"
  • "The President's Puzzle: the Surplus"
  • "The Silver Problem. I. A Word to Wage Earners"
  • "Some Important Results of the Jubilee"
  • "The South African Question"
  • "Summing Up the Tariff Discussion"
  • "The Venezuelan Question"