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Type Studio album
Artist James Darren
Release Date 22 April 1967
Recorded 1966-1967 in the United States.
Genre Pop, Rock and roll, jazz
Language English
Length 28 minutes 8 seconds
Label Warner Bros. Records
Catalogue Warner Bros. WS 1688 (stereo), Warner Bros. W 1688 (mono)
Producer Dick Glasser
Engineer Eddie Brackett

All is a 1967 studio album by American singer James Darren. It features the Eric Freeman Combo, and includes songs from popular films and show tunes of the 1960s. The single 'All' peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart, the album peaked at number 187 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart.

Track list

Album information

Track listing:

  • Side 1:
  1. 'Georgy Girl' [From Georgy Girl] (Jim Dale, Tom Springfield) - 2:27
  2. 'A Man and a Woman (Um Homme et une Femme)' [From A Man and a Woman] (Pierre Elie Barouh, Jerry Paul Keller, Francis Albert Lai) - 2:54
  3. 'My Cup Runneth Over' [From I Do I Do] (Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt) - 2:23
  4. 'This Is My Song' [From A Countess from Hong Kong] (Charles Chaplin) - 3:06
  5. 'I Miss You So' (Jimmy Henderson, Sydney Robin, Bertha Scott) - 2:40
  • Side 2:
  1. 'All' [From Run for Your Wife] (Nino Oliviero, Raymond Jessel, Mariam Grudeff, Domenico Clarossi) - 2:50
  2. 'Born Free' [From Born Free] (John Barry, Donald Black) - 2:35
  3. 'Lady' (Bert Kaempfert, Larry Kusik, Herbert Rehbein, Charles Singleton) - 2:47
  4. 'Since I Don't Have You' (James L. Beaumont, Walter P. Lester, Lennie Martin, Joseph V. Rock, John H. Taylor, Joseph W. VerScharen, Janet F. Vogel) - 2:17
  5. 'Sunny' (Bobby Hebb) - 3:02


  • Musicians:
    • James Darren - Vocals
    • Ernie Freeman Combo - Musical backing
    • Ernie Freeman - Combo arranger, conductor
  • Production:
    • Dick Glasser - Producer
    • Eddie Brackett - Engineer
    • Ed Thrasher - Art direction