Agent Orange (song)

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Agent Orange
Appears on Boys for Pele
Published by Sword and Stone Publishing
Registration ASCAP 310538406
Release date 22 January 1996
Recorded August - October 1995 at
Delgany, Ireland.
Genre Experimental pop
Language English
Length 1 minute 26 seconds
Composer Tori Amos
Label Atlantic Records
Producer Tori Amos
Engineer Marcel Van Limbeek and Mark Hawley

'Agent Orange' is the name of a short composition by American singer-songwriter Tori Amos. It first appeared on her 1996 album Boys for Pele, and has been performed live on a number of her tours. The song title has nothing to do with the chemical defoliant Agent Orange, rather it is a nickname given to her long-time bodyguard Joel Hopkins, because of the colour of his tanned skin. The track contains some of her most obtuse lyrics of her recording career, and has been the subject of endless debates by her fans, as to their meaning.