A Hard Day's Night

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A Hard Day's Night is the third album by the Beatles, released on 10 July 1964. In 2000, Q magazine placed this album at number 5 in their list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.

Track list

All tracks by Lennon/McCartney.

  1. 'A Hard Day's Night'
  2. 'I Should Have Known Better'
  3. 'If I Fell'
  4. 'I'm Happy Just to Dance with You'
  5. 'And I Love Her'
  6. 'Tell Me Why'
  7. 'Can't Buy Me Love'
  8. 'Any Time at All'
  9. 'I'll Cry Instead'
  10. 'Things We Said Today'
  11. 'When I Get Home'
  12. 'You Can't Do That'
  13. 'I'll Be Back'