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A list of key readings about ABC conjecture.
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  • Goldfeld, Dorian (2002). “Modular forms, elliptic curves and the abc-conjecture”, Wüstholz, Gisbert: A panorama in number theory or The view from Baker's garden.. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 128-147. ISBN 0-521-80799-9. 
  • Baker, Alan (1998). “Logarithmic forms and the $abc$-conjecture”, Győry, Kálmán (ed.) et al.: Number theory. Diophantine, computational and algebraic aspects. Proceedings of the international conference, Eger, Hungary, July 29-August 2, 1996. Berlin: de Gruyter, 37-44. ISBN 3-11-015364-5. 
  • Stewart, C. L.; Yu Kunrui (2001). "On the abc conjecture. II". Duke Math. J. 108: 169-181. ISSN 0012-7094.